Enterprise Security Risk Management

Concepts and Applications

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ESRM Concepts and Applications

About This Book

As a security professional, have you found that you and others in your company do not always define "security" the same way? Perhaps security interests and business interests have become misaligned. Based on years of practical experience and research, Brian Allen and Rachelle Loyear show you step-by-step how ESRM applies fundamental risk principles to manage all security risks. Whether the risks are informational, cyber, physical, asset management, or business continuity, all are included in the holistic, all-encompassing ESRM approach which will move you from task-based to risk-based security. By viewing security through a risk management lens, ESRM can help make you and your security program successful. This book gives you the tools and materials to help you advance in the security field, no matter if you are a student, newcomer, or a seasoned professional.

Meet the Authors

Brian Allen

Brian Allen

Brian Allen was the Chief Security Officer for Time Warner Cable, a critical infrastructure, Fortune 130 enterprise. He worked for EY as the sub-competency lead for their cyber risk management...
Rachelle Loyear

Rachelle Loyear

Rachelle Loyear is the VP of Integrated Security Solutions for G4S Americas.  In this role, she leads the G4S Security Risk Management and Integrated Practices management office, helping G4S customers...

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