Publication Date: December 2023

Building a Cyber Risk Management Program

Evolving Security for the Digital Age

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Building a Cyber Risk Management Program

About This Book

Cyber risk management is one of the most urgent issues facing enterprises today. This book presents a detailed framework for designing, developing, and implementing a cyber risk management program that addresses your company's specific needs. Ideal for corporate directors, senior executives, security risk practitioners, and auditors at many levels, this guide offers both the strategic insight and tactical guidance you're looking for. You'll learn how to define and establish a sustainable, defendable, cyber risk management program, and the benefits associated with proper implementation. Cyber risk management experts Brian Allen and Brandon Bapst, working with writer Terry Allan Hicks, also provide advice that goes beyond risk management. You'll discover ways to address your company's oversight obligations as defined by international standards, case law, regulation, and board-level guidance.

Meet the Authors

Brian Allen

Brian Allen

Brian Allen was the Chief Security Officer for Time Warner Cable, a critical infrastructure, Fortune 130 enterprise. He worked for EY as the sub-competency lead for their cyber risk management...
Brandon Bapst

Brandon Bapst

Brandon has over nine years of strategic experience in the security risk field. As a Risk Advisor within EY's Cyber practice, he works closely with executives, CSOs and CISOs on...

Terry Allan Hicks

Terry Allan Hicks is a longtime business and technology writer, focusing primarily on the interrelated areas of financial services, information security, and regulatory compliance and corporate governance, with experience including...

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